Franklin County residents, Tyler Carter, community reinvestment administrator for Carter Bank & Trust and Tyler Lee, private banking officer for Ridge View Bank have been selected as Get2KnowNoke talent ambassadors. Talent ambassadors for Get2KnowNoke are open to connecting with anyone who wants to learn more about them, the region, what they do, and why they chose (and continue to choose) to call Virginia’s Blue Ridge home.

The 2024 ambassadors will use their skillsets and interest areas to host pop-up events welcoming newcomers and creating connectivity among user groups, promote lifestyle stories and attractions on social media, develop a strong professional network, and represent the region on campuses, with legislators or leadership, or even meet with companies looking to relocate to the area.

Tyler Carter, community reinvestment administrator, Carter Bank & Trust

As someone who has spent his entire life in this region, I love seeing it thrive. The bank that I work for was founded 50 years ago when my grandfather planted its first branch in downtown Rocky Mount. I want businesses of all sizes to experience what my family and others have learned over the years; an investment into this region is an investment into your business’s prosperity. My goal is to spread awareness of the incredible opportunities that are available locally in an effort to attract and retain talent. Franklin County and the Town of Rocky Mount are more than just a quaint local community in a picturesque setting. It has a motivated workforce that is ready to build the success of the next generation of businesses moving to our area, while continuing to support those businesses that have made the community what it is today.

Tyler Lee, private banking officer, Ridge View Bank

I have a few goals, but one of my ultimate goals for being a part of this advisory group is to bring more opportunities and professionals to the Town of Rocky Mount and Franklin County I believe we have the biggest growth opportunity in our region. I want to bring the ability to showcase what we have to offer (yes, we need housing, yes, we need a lot of things, but we need high paying jobs, and things for people to do). Being able to bring new people to the region we can attract new business adventures that will then serve the people of Franklin County and the Town of Rocky Mount. However, I believe that our part of the region holds a special gem that shines with some of the greatest people that care and want to see people grow. We have smart people that believe in each other. We must all work together to grow our region to make it the best place to live, work and play.