Centrally located between NYC and Atlanta, 2/3 of the US population is just a day’s drive away. In Franklin County, you’re just a short car ride away from major metros like DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta, and NYC. Thanks to our East Coast location, you’ll enjoy convenient travel by air, land, or sea. Virginia has a port, interstate, train, and airports! 

Map of the East Coast of the United States


With the new Summit View business park, broadband internet, and top-of-the-line health care and educational opportunities, rural is different in Franklin County. Here you’ll enjoy vital sectors in manufacturing and agriculture in a highly livable and convenient East Coast location. Just a short drive away from 8 major metros and access to shipping and travel by air, land, or sea it’s easy to understand why Franklin County is a natural setting for business opportunity. 

Highway Transportation

Virginia has the 2nd most dense interstate system in the southeast and Franklin County is located near the state’s expertly designed and maintained highway system. We’re served by two major highway corridors, U.S. Route 220 and State Route 40 for uncongested north-south and east-west access to and from the community.

InterstateDistance (from border of locality/region)
I-5814.9 miles (8.0 kilometers)
I-818.1 miles (13.0 kilometers)
I-7729.7 miles (47.7 kilometers)
I-6438.1 miles (61.3 kilometers)
I-4047.3 miles (76.1 kilometers)

Commercial Air Service

Franklin County is fortunate to have three excellent commercial aviation airports within a 75-mile radius: Roanoke Regional Airport, Lynchburg Regional Airport, and Piedmont Triad International in Greensboro, N.C.

Non-Stop Service

Non-stop air service to some of the most important air hubs in the United States is available from Roanoke Regional. The Roanoke Regional Airport provides non-stop flight service to and from the following destinations:

In addition, Franklin County is located just one and a half hours from the new FedEx hub at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Passenger Rail

Enjoy passenger rail service provided by Amtrak out of the nearby Roanoke station. Travel its Northeast Regional service with stops in Washington D.C., New York, and Boston.


Freight rail service in Franklin County is provided by Norfolk Southern Corporation. One of the nation’s premier transportation companies, Norfolk Southern has a strong historical relationship with Franklin County in the Roanoke Valley.

Franklin County is served by the Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Transfer Terminal in Roanoke. This terminal, with forty rail spots, accommodates dry bulk, liquid bulk, food-grade bulk, and hazardous materials. Norfolk Southern has a proven track record of assisting new and expanding companies in Franklin County with all varieties of rail needs. This includes the preparation of conceptual plans, working through logistical needs and questions, and helping to secure state funding for track/siding construction. As a Franklin County business, these services are all complimentary.

DestinationShipping Time
Norfolk, Virginia1 Day
Atlanta, Georgia2 Days
Baltimore, Maryland3 Days
Chicago, Illinois3 Days
Cleveland, Ohio3 Days
Detroit, Michigan3 Days
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania3 Days
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania3 Days
St. Louis, Missouri3 Days
New York, New York4 Days
Boston, Massachusetts4 Days

Seaports & Inland Ports

Franklin County is served by the Port of Virginia, located in the greater Norfolk metro area. This port comprises three marine terminals and one intermodal container transfer facility: Norfolk International Terminals, Portsmouth Marine Terminal, Newport News Marine Terminal, and the Virginia Inland Port. These facilities are located approximately 288 miles from Franklin County and are easily accessible by truck or rail.

At fifty feet, the Port of Virginia offers the deepest shipping channels on the U.S. East Coast and is fully prepared to accommodate 10,000 plus twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) vessels. More than 30 international steamship lines service the Port, which handles over 15 million tons of cargo per year and over 1.1 million container units annually. Norfolk Southern and CSX offer on-dock, double-stack intermodal service to key inland markets in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and the Southeast.

Businesses in Franklin County can also utilize the port of entry at the New River Valley Airport, better known as the Virginia Tradeport. The Virginia TradePort is multiple resources in one, including a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Port of Entry (Port of Entry Number 1412) and a Foreign Trade Zone (Foreign Trade Zone Number 238) that provides an easy way to process, warehouse and distribute goods entering and/or leaving the United States.

The foreign trade zone is a secure and enclosed area under the supervision of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It is considered to be outside U.S. customs territory. This allows foreign goods to be brought into the zone without being subject to U.S. customs duties. Goods will remain duty-free until the goods enter the U.S. commerce. While goods are in the foreign trade zone, they can be stored, inspected, manipulated, processed, relabeled, and repackaged (all while being in a duty-free environment). Customs duties are due at the time the goods move outside the foreign trade zone and enter U.S. commerce. If the items are re-exported or destroyed, no duties will be due. If the items are manufactured into a lower duty rate product, then duty can be paid at the lower rate (with approval from the Foreign Trade Zone Board).


We have services to make your business run seamlessly, no matter where you are in the county. Our service providers work hard to provide reliable services so you can focus on growing your business.

Utility Provider NameUtility Provided
American Electric PowerElectric
Franklin County LandfillSolid Waste Disposal
Ferrum Water and Sewer AuthorityWater Waste Treatment
Town of Boones MillWater Waste Treatment
Town of Rocky MountWater Waste Treatment
Ferrum Water and Sewer AuthorityWater
Town of Boones MillWater
Town of Rocky MountWater
There is currently no provider for natural gas.