Locals know that in Franklin County you don’t have to choose between lake life and mountain views because at Smith Mountain Lake, you can have the best of both. And the world is starting to take notice.

One of the world’s top travel media brands, Travel + Leisure recently named Smith Mountain Lake as one of the best places to buy a vacation home in the US. Of course, we already knew about the natural beauty and recreational opportunities, but we’re glad the word is getting out about the “Lake Tahoe of the East.”

About the Smith Mountain Lake area, Travel & Leisure’s editors enthused, “Nicknamed the ‘Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains’ and ‘Lake Tahoe of the East,’ the human-made Smith Mountain Lake boasts 500 miles of scenic shoreline and two dozen islands. It spans 40 miles, making it the second-largest body of water in Virginia, with excellent recreational opportunities year-round. Whether it’s water sports, hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, or golfing, the destination is a magnet for travelers seeking outdoor adventures on and off the lake’s clear waters.”

Among Smith Mountain Lake’s manifold charms, Travel + Leisure cited a gentle climate, strong housing market coupled with low housing prices, and real estate taxes. And others concur. According to Evolve, Smith Mountain Lake is one of the best destinations to invest in a second home.  Franklin County taxes are much lower than neighboring states, and boasts lower median home prices than other popular vacation destinations.

Local real estate agent Brenda Fichtner Bratt was quoted as saying, “Smith Mountain Lake makes you feel like you are home as soon as you get here,” and we couldn’t agree more. Our famous country charm and hospitality are icing on the cake for people looking to purchase a getaway spot. Not to mention our world-class music scene, thriving craft breweries and distilleries, and distinctive cultural events.

With a convenient East Coast location and highly livable environment, Smith Mountain Lake is just one of the many reasons that Franklin County is a natural setting for opportunity!