Pictured clockwise: Nick Jones (plant manager), Gabrielle Mullins (intern), Hunter Dillon (intern), and Jordan Jefferson (intern).

Cornerstone Building Brands is excited to have three talented interns spending the summer with us in Rocky Mount.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Mullins is a Longwood University sophomore majoring in psychology with minors in business administration and criminal justice. Her work involves developing a web-based training program for lead persons on our production lines that will include a video component. Gabby’s interest in continuous improvement and creative efforts led her to pursue the internship.

Hunter Dillon is a sophomore at Virginia Tech majoring in aerospace engineering. His duties include updating an AutoCAD map and project management tasks related to a new production line and the consolidation of various departments. Hunter sought the internship to broaden his engineering and continuous improvement experience.

Jordan Jefferson is completing his undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences at Liberty University and plans to attend graduate school in the same field. He has created schematics, quality process improvements to align with customer instructions, and storage, queue, and tray systems. Jordan’s primary goal with the internship was to acquire experience in project management, continuous improvement, and safety.

Nick Jones, our plant manager, offers high praise for Gabby, Hunter, and Jordan. “We get more out of the contributions of our interns than I ever expected. They are not pushing papers: they are working on the most important projects in the plant. Their efforts make a direct impact on quality, efficiency, and safety, and create jobs for people. Many of their achievements attract the attention of senior leaders in the organization and will be utilized on a company-wide, long-term basis. We simply wouldn’t have hit our targets without them.”

The Rocky Mount team is grateful for the skills, dedication, and hard work of our interns on our journey to being a premier exterior building solutions company!