If you’ve been to the Rocky Mount Farmers Market, you may have wondered if you were seeing double. In one sense, you could be right! Identical twins Brice and Cowan Montgomery are regular vendors there selling eggs, produce, and plants they raised on their farm, Montgomery Serenity Farm, LLC.

According to the USDA, the average age of a typical American farmer is 58 years old, so the 13-year-old entrepreneurs are getting a 45-year head start! They split their time between 8th grade at Christian Heritage Academy, spending time with family and friends, and nurturing their growing farming business in Boones Mill. They found time in their busy schedule to talk to us about their passion for farming, what they love about being Franklin County natives, and why they think Franklin County Shines.

What part of Franklin County do you live in? How long have you lived there?

We have lived in Boones Mill our entire life!

What’s your favorite part about living in Franklin County?

We love living in the country close to nature where it is peaceful and quiet. We love having a beautiful view just about anywhere you go.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

Farming keeps us pretty busy but we also love playing sports! Cowan especially loves baseball and Brice enjoys soccer and track. Brice also likes playing video games in his spare time.

What’s your favorite place in Franklin County?

We love our farm because it’s quiet and peaceful.

Where is your favorite place to hang out?

We love to go to our grandpa’s house to go swimming and hang out with our cousins. We also like swimming at our friend’s pond.

What advice do you have for finding or meeting new people?

If you are new to the area, definitely visit the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market.  You will meet lots of people and they are all friendly and kind.

What does #FranklinCountyShines mean to you?

In Franklin County, the people are kind, friendly, and are helpful especially at the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market!

The Montgomery twins are doing big things for young entrepreneurship in Franklin County! Swing by the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market one Saturday morning and sample the fresh products from their wonderful Montgomery Serenity Farm.

Franklin County Shines is a series about the people and places that make Franklin County one of the best places to live, work, and play. #FranklinCountyShines