The Franklin County Board of Supervisors recently welcomed two new Board members and chose chairman and vice chairman for the 2024 year. Boone District representative Ronnie Thompson was chosen as chairman and Blue Ridge District representative Tim Tatum was named vice chairman.

New members of the Board of Supervisors are Marshall Jamison, Blackwater District and Dan Quinn, Union Hall District. They join Mike Carter, Rocky Mount District; Nick Mitchell, Snow Creek District; and Lori Smith, Gills Creek District.

During the organizational meeting, supervisors approved a new schedule for regular meetings to include a second meeting each month. The Board now holds regular meetings on the third Thursday at 3pm and a second meeting on the following Thursday at 3pm. Public hearings and public comment will begin at 6pm following the Tuesday meeting.

For more information on upcoming meetings and agenda, visit the Board of Supervisors website.

Pictured from left to right: Lorie Smith, Dan Quinn, Tim Tatum, Ronnie Thompson, Mike Carter, Nick Mitchell, and Marshall Jamison.