Company name: Boones Mill Mercantile

Person in charge: Mike and Karen Meredith

Year founded: 2023

Tell us about your business, including the products or services that you offer and what makes you unique:

Boones Mill has a fascinating history. We have a local historian, Mike Smith, who created a photo book with some of the history of Boones Mill. We have this book on a table when you first walk into the store. We encourage everyone to take a look at the book when they visit. We love hearing Mr. Smith’s stories and each individual’s stories when they look at the book. We learn a little more every day about the town and the people. We are proud to have various excellent, unique products made by local vendors in our shop. We also have a wide assortment of vintage items, oddities, and clothing currently. To get us started, we found a vintage store going out of business and purchased the entire inventory. We are opening up boxes every day and finding treasures to add to the store. It has been a lot of fun! We offer shoppers various pop-up sales on these items as we make room for our future plans. We also have a coffee and tea bar with a small snack area to enjoy as you look through our history book.

Why did you choose Franklin County for your business?

We live in Boones Mill and see the potential that this town has. There is a real need to save the history of Boones Mill, and we look forward to working with the community to help make that happen. We have a lot of plans to grow and are looking forward to the future opening of the Boones Mill Depot, which will wake up this sleepy little town. The Boones Mill Town Council has been very supportive in our journey and made us feel welcomed in the town.

What small businesses do you enjoy visiting in Franklin County?

We enjoy visiting any local business and seeing what local crafts they have in their shops. Local restaurants are always a good choice for us. We shop as much as we can in Franklin County.

Give us all the details on how to connect with your business. (contact info, social media, etc.) What are your hours of operation?

Boones Mill Mercantile

Facebook: Boones Mill Mercantile


Sunday 12-6

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10-6,

Closed on Tuesday

Saturday 9-6 

Visit their location at:

70 Main Street
Boones Mill