Franklin County is centrally located along the United States' East Coast and is easily accessible by a number of modes of transportation. The area's road, rail, air, and port facilities allow local businesses convenient ways to travel to and from the community as well as efficient importation of goods and exportation of products.


Roads in the Commonwealth of Virginia are built and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation, which has long executed an expertly designed and implemented highway system. Franklin County is fortunate to be located near a number of outstanding interstate facilities and served by two major highway corridors, U.S. Route 220 and State Route 40. These two corridors provide uncongested north-south and east-west access to and from the community.

Area Interstate Distances from Franklin County

Note: Distances are measured from the border of the locality/region.

InterstateDistance from Franklin County
I-5814.9 miles (8.0 kilometers)
I-818.1 miles (13.0 kilometers)
I-7729.7 miles (47.7 kilometers)
I-6438.1 miles (61.3 kilometers)
I-4047.3 miles (76.1 kilometers)