Video: Q&A on Bringing a Business to Franklin County

April 25, 2016

Keith Marshall, CEO of Solution Matrix

Tell us about your business.
Our history is a thirteen-year history of starting manufacturing plants. Solution Matrix makes medical products for the medical industry. Primarily post orthopedic therapy ramps. Our other main company, Stik-Pak Solutions, manufactures packaging for food. We are an SQF level two factory.

What brought you to Franklin County?
We moved down from Pennsylvania almost five years ago and really the quality of life here is awesome. We have golf courses and, obviously, Smith Mountain Lake, which is just gorgeous. We have the Blue Ridge Mountains.

How did Franklin County help with your transition?
Relocation for any business is extremely difficult. You’ve got machinery, you’ve got personnel and you’ve got to have really good reasons to move. Working with Franklin County on a relocation is phenomenal. They go after business, and they make it easy to move. They assign an officer to you to help you through the red tape of the process.

They helped us in the selection of our property and they helped us in all aspects of the move to include walking us through the building process. When we actually built our plants, they provided the services of the business development officer to help us get the buildings built quickly and efficiently.

What about the business climate?
The business climate in Franklin County is just absolutely wonderful. One of the things that we were absolutely astounded by was the sincerity of the people and how much they really wanted the business here in this area. Employees here are just phenomenal.

As far as shipping, we can ship anywhere within the 80% of the population east of the Mississippi within two days.

The availability of land is vast, and the County will go out of their way to help you find property that might be best suited to you.

There’s nothing that people from around the entire United States could want that’s not here in Virginia.